Monday, 17 January 2011

The Burusera shop

When I was 14 years old, I started selling my used undies.

Of course, it’s illegal that under 18 years old girl work in the sex industry in Japan. But it was so easy for me to work in the Burusera shop which mainly sells used girls' undies, bras, socks, gym suits, as well as school uniforms.

If the girl is good looking with lovely school uniform, then they are eligible to work there.

In my case, when I was walking in the Shibuya area in Tokyo, a girl with high school uniform asked me to work there. She knew it’s illegal for me to work there because of my age, but she suggested me to make a fake ID in China town to work there. I got it in a week, and I started selling my things.

At the shop, the girls wearing the school uniform could sell almost everything they wear and ‘produce’. Some of them sell even used sanitary napkins, tampons, saliva, urine
, S**t and others if there are ‘demands’.

The girls who works in the Burusera shops usually go to good junior/high schools, but, at the same time, their family have problems and they don’t want to stay at home. The Burusera shop is the great place for the girls who want avoid spending time with their family. It allowed them to work from 10am to 10pm, 7days a week and earn $100-1000 per an item.

Usually girls could set the price of their items. If the item is sold, a half of the fixed price goes to the girl, and another half goes to the shop’s revenue. For instance, I set the price of my undies as $200 and I could get $100 when I sold it. I sold my bra for $300, socks for $200, shoes for $400, shirts for $400, saliva for $350, and urine for $400. I never sold my s**t, but there were girls who sold their s**t for $300-$500, since the particular ‘customers’ bought their s**t.


  1. Thats the most fucking disgusting thing I've ever heard.

    1. Yes, but only because you come from a country that has a very narrow view of acceptability in culture.

    2. Couldn't Be Said Better HappyHimitsu!!! & I Totally Agree! To Each Their Own! No-one Should Be Judged, Even If Their Kink Is Not The Same Thing That Floats Your Boat! xo

    3. U know hate to say it but just because someting is not acceptted here or in mainstream usa,. It doesnt mean shit, we cant/shouldnt be prejudice. In any form . We have turkey or ham 4 xmas dinner. A black bird is just a scavenger bird. 2us but a i seen it on dinner table in italy , on average middle class peeps. Not talkn homeless. Speakn. On homeless in spain its com' n thing tossn bums into water! U may not see alot, because u eot see abum ,thier homeless- dwnn n out not stupid to b spoted sleepn! N in usa it be major crime. Like atempted murder. No crime in sac i eas invited. To a nudist campground , not my thing im fairskinned red hair,dont swim! But iknow them from swinger goups n events i belong- atennd. Man i get thier im not used to it so. Beside some staff. Im only 1 wth any type. Clothn on just swm short & flip flops.everyone lookn @ me crazy. N im trip that there r frinds kids. There when we arrive. They. Road with. Some thiet familys friends n thier kids! Next day everone is sunbath,swimn, playn volley ball,tennis, everthinglike its no biggie! Even. @ breakfest! Now they hve activities for. Adult. Like me n some of the 800 + thier day n night time in a seprate place's. There no minors. But i. Stayed that day n night left after breakffest with a female who came up as part of my same group friends n 3 cples 2 other females n 4 dudes who like us frlt highly uncomfortable around kids being nuden seen them nude! Man seen few hot. Ladies in bunglow area n hotubs. Nxt to our n down at. Massage n yoga area, uknow get to chatn cple min with afew of them,hell even just passn massage area n. Sayn good mormn to few ladies as they reply back by time i look back t check them out smile i got a hardon starnt. As. We keep walkn. Im. Thinkn fuck. Man. Hope noone thinks im hard. Because in 40 more steps on my right is. 3 difrennt groups of kids doing yoga step class & tredmill n other side adults .an.who are probly thiet parents / family! The woman. Im there to hook up with,walkn with me. Sayn u know i can bend like that, joken around ,flirtn alittle! From then on @ pool hottubs. I be like ok iknow we r going soon so either we gota stop ,playn around this next 15-30min. B4going, or im gonna just let u get goinn back to room i follow in few min , usually so female can. Change in clean up first n guy- me will b right bhind u! No more like we been in hottub or a hamick together 4sometime now n ,now feeln. Like both. R good to go. Back to room or in are bungle low area n fuck in com'area s were others in our section hangout when we lsee themcomen n goin no kids there ! Man i felt like any min swats gonna swoop in from everywhere an to catch a preditor. Fim'n next show n . With. Chris hansen askn me do u kow who. I'am. Me with a hardon sayn man. Shit if he says is that a hardon u got goingtere oru just glad to see me! Or those kids. Right there bendn over n getn all sweaty!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing. May I use your testimony in one of my artcicles? I am writing about burusera shops and the Japanese legal framework. The article wont be written in neither English nor Japanese. Thank you so much.

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